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The Acting Company exports ferroalloy products

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Anyang City Chunyang Metallurgical Co., Ltd. Acting export ferroalloy products, the following to introduce you to the following characteristics of the export agent: Acting exports have the following characteristics: 1, entrusted to the two sides should be signed in advance agent export agreement, clearly defined business scope, Exchange of goods, storage and transportation, cost burden, fee rate, foreign exchange, claims processing, payment settlement and the relevant duties of both parties. 2, entrusted with the business agent export business, do not advance commodity funds, do not bear the basic costs, do not bear the export sales profit and loss, only charge a fee. 3, entrusted enterprises by export sales invoice amount and the prescribed fee rate, commissioned to charge a fee, as the handling agent export business management expenses and income. 4, the agent export tax rebate to the entrusted party, generally by the entrusted enterprise is responsible to the location of the Inland Revenue Department to open a proxy export tax rebate certificate, by the entrusted party to prove and export declarations, export earnings collection and export agent a copy of the agreement And other documents to the local tax authorities for tax rebates. If necessary, please contact us, you are welcome to inquire.

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