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The basic knowledge of alloy cored wire

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What is the core line? Cored wire is to be added to the liquid steel or molten iron in a variety of additives (deoxidizer, desulfurization agent, modifier, alloy, etc.) broken into a certain size, and then use the cold-rolled low-carbon steel strip included as a Any length of the composite material. What is the use of cored wire? Cored wire technology is 80 years in the jet metallurgy technology developed on the basis of a furnace refining means. Core line for steelmaking and casting. It can purify the shape of steel inclusions, improve the castability of molten steel, improve the performance of steel, and can significantly improve the yield of alloy, reduce alloy consumption and reduce the cost of steel making, and the economic benefit is remarkable. What are the characteristics of the core line?

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