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Introduction of Silica - Ca - Cored Wire

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  [REVIEW] is made of silicon calcium alloy processed into a powder wrapped by the steel after the core-line processing, which not only retains the original calcium-silicon alloy deoxidation effect has increased the depth of the calcium reflects the increase in calcium Of the yield, is a good good steel-making deoxidation products

  The calcium-silicon-coated cored wire is processed by the calcium-silicon alloy into powder and then is processed by the core-wire machine after being wrapped by the steel strip, which not only retains the original deoxidizing effect of the calcium-silicon all-alloy but also increases the depth of the calcium reflection, The yield of calcium is a good steel-making deoxidation good product!

  It is favorable for adjusting and controlling the content of easily oxidized elements and trace elements, and can greatly improve the alloy yield, reduce the smelting cost, shorten the smelting time and precisely control the components.

  Can play a pure steel at night and some changes in the nature and shape of the role of inclusion, improve the quality of molten steel to improve the casting state. Cored wire inside and outside the pumping-type two, feeding the required mechanical equipment is simple and reliable, covers an area of ​​less.

  Core packing quality: bag solid, do not leak powder, do not slit, no polyline, no virtual package, no empty package, powder core density uniformity, smooth surface without oil.

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