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Application Status of Cored Wire Technology

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  Cored wire technology is the first in the late 1970s, with calcium as the main goal of the core processing technology, has successfully gone through 30 years of history, has never been recognized by the people to the same respected , From small-scale application to large-scale promotion, from the molten steel refining, micro-alloying, alloying and metamorphic treatment to molten iron desulfurization, spheroidization, treatment and alloying ...... a series of changes. This change and the development of the results not only the steelmaking production has undergone a revolutionary change, but also in ductile iron, vermicular iron and gray iron casting is also playing an increasingly large role:

  (1). In the area of ​​steelmaking, many of the functions of EAF and BOF have been discarded as a result of the development of cored wire technology, which has become a "chemical steel" tool for dephosphorization only (if required) or decarburization Deoxidation, desulphurization, alloying, microalloying and fine-tuning of components such as refining operations have been changed in the melting furnace by the core line technology to complete. Since the 80s of last century, the feeder has become the following formula was included in the world, including China's major steel-producing countries of the equipment process:

  Electric furnace → refining furnace → feeding machine → molding equipment

  Electric furnace → refining furnace → feeder → continuous casting machine

  Converter → refining furnace → feeder → continuous casting machine

  (2). In cast steel production, with the core-line technology to purify molten steel (deoxidation, desulfurization and metamorphic treatment), grain refinement, improve the castability and machinability of steel has been more and more, including China, including cast steel Factory recognized. In 2006 alone, Harbin Kede Wei Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. for China's railway, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, coal and other systems owned more than 10 steel casting plant using a core-line technology. Most steel mills use the following equipment processes:

  Electric furnace → feed line machine → molding equipment

  There are also some steel plants using the following equipment process:

  Electric furnace → LF furnace → feed line machine → molding equipment

  (3). In the cast iron production, the use of cored wire for hot metal desulfurization, ball and nurture more and more foundries, expanding faster and faster. To the first development and application of core-line technology to produce ductile iron in Germany, for example, the end of 1989, only one country foundry core-line production of ductile iron, and in 2002, there are 56 factories (about their ductile iron Plant 32%) with the core-line process to replace the original insertion method, pressure magnesium method. In China, from 2000 to now, Harbin Kede Wei Metallurgical New Materials Co., Ltd. for China, including the first car factory, Dongan Engine Group, Zhenxiong Precision Equipment Corporation, Inner Mongolia, a group of companies such as more than 20 Foundry built a ball processing station, ball - inoculation processing station and desulfurization - the ball - inoculation processing station.

  With the lowest cost to produce the best quality products, is the world's steel mills and foundries will always pursue the goal. Including China's practice has proved that: Cored wire technology is the world today, in the molten steel and molten iron in many ways, to achieve this willing to wish the easiest and most efficient one of the means and measures.

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