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Steel market downturn in the wave market will last long?

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Overcapacity, sluggish demand, steel prices fell, more and more steel mills into a loss, more steel trading business feel more difficult to do business, and the macro surface of the interest rate cut, the standard, car subsidies, household appliances New Deal Are not enough to force, this wave of downturn will last for how long?

According to the agency is expected in 2012, crude steel consumption is expected to 6.7 to 6.8 million tons, while the 2012 steel production will reach 7.1-7.2 million tons. More serious is that this year China's steel production capacity will reach 9.2-93 million tons, capacity utilization is only 80%. Although the beginning of May, crude steel production has come down, but compared to the huge capacity, reduce the output can even be negligible.

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